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Berwick Upon Tweed weekend - October 2021

Despite all the uncertainties of Covid and fuel restrictions, 14 of us went to Berwick on a DIY weekend staying at the Premier Inn or the Youth Hostel.

On the Saturday both parties set off south on a bus to explore the Northumberland coastline and both parties stopped for refreshments within 15 minutes of getting off the bus! The more adventurous party went to Beale (10.5 miles) and the strollers to Scremerston (5 miles). As we approached Berwick we picked up the Lowry trail and were able to see the sites of some of his paintings. (He did, however, operate a lot of artistic licence so some of them did require a bit of imagination!)

On the Sunday we set off as one party and walked the southern bank of the Tweed. We then went over the A1, returning (in Scotland) on the Northern bank of the Tweed. As we reached Berwick we split into smaller parties to check out the northern beaches of Berwick, or the Town Walls, Earth Works and Army Barracks, or the castle and castle walls.

A good time was had by all. Thanks to Barbara for leading the walks and indeed to everyone for making this a most enjoyable weekend.