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Ilkley Weekend - November 2015

An advance party of seven of us arrived on Thursday. Nick and I went shopping, much to the amusement of Aline, who went to a brewery to buy some beer (for her brother). We had a game of Pictionary in the evening.

Friday: As the forecast was not good, Peter suggested a short walk and visit to Saltaire. We caught the train to Shipley and walked along the canal. Peter took us on a tour of the town. He has always lived in the area so was a very instructive and interesting guide! We had some morning refreshments and bought supplies for lunch later in Roberts Park. We then walked to Shipley Glen and into the woods of Milner Field which was the name of the large mansion that was commissioned to be built by Titus Salt jnr in 1869. A series of unfortunate and tragic events gave the house a grim reputation and it was demolished in the 1950's. All that remains is rubble among the trees. It is said to be haunted. Glad we left while it was still light! We returned to Saltaire and went into one of the mill buildings to look at an art exhibition, showing David Hockney's pictures.

In the evening everyone else had arrived, so we had a full complement of twenty-one. After a another very good meal, I put on a music quiz which proved a bit challenging, due to the eclectic mix of ‘music’ on my iPad.

Saturday: We woke up to heavy rain. When it eased a little, sixteen of us set off as 'A' party to Addingham, where we sheltered in a church for a while, mid-morning. We walked up to Beamsley Beacon, as the sun was coming out and saw a magnificent rainbow. We ate our sandwiches up there and then descended down onto the Roman road to Ilkley. We found a nice teashop. Peter took Vanessa and Sue on the same tour of Saltaire.

In the evening, after another good meal, Peter gave us a photo quiz showing household implements dating from the 1950's and 60's. That proved quite tricky as well.

Sunday: We all left as one party and caught the bus to Pool bank. We had a refreshment stop at the Cheerful Chilli Cafe at Otley. We then went into the Chevin forest park which was full of autumn colours. We descended to Menston village and had lunch around a  church and then a quick drink in the local pub. We then went to Burley Woodhead and up onto the edge of Ilkley moor, with our hats on!, past the Cow and Calf Rocks and then down to Ilkley.

A few left us that evening, including Ian and Martyn who faced a long journey home. Eleven of us stayed an extra night. We tried a game of Pictionary but without Colin it was just not the same.

So on Monday morning, it was time to head off home.

Thank you to Peter for another really enjoyable hotel break.