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Andalucia, Spain Holiday - February 2016

The second week of February 10 Footprints members abandoned the wet and storm battered shores of the UK for the sunny climate of Andalucia and an extremely comfortable hotel virtually on the beach, for some walking in the sunshine. The walks were varied and without exception excellent.

Our first day walking was a day of two parts. Our first walk of the day was along a gentle path through olive groves to a viewpoint of the coast and Marbella [El Juanar-Puerto, Marbella.] Along the way we saw wild deer and several caterpillar trains [dozens of caterpillars in convoy crossing a path] After lunch we had a more energetic walk uphill then contouring around a mountain with very dramatic views [Ruta de el Pozuelo].

Our second days walking started in Mijas – a typical Andalucian village with winding streets, traditional architecture, donkeys pulling carts, a bull ring and a wonderful series of gardens. After enjoying the village we crossed to the mountains overlooking the village for a figure of 8 walk in the Sierra Mijas which took in not only great views but also a church, hermitage and a quarry..

Our next day's walking also combined sightseeing and walking. In the morning we visited The Cueva de Nerja – a series of breathtaking, giant, prehistoric caves. After lunch we walked in the Pico del Ciero – some of us taking an easier low level track [from which we again saw wild deer], others making a more energetic uphill climb.

The following day our walk started from the village of Enterrios – another typical Spanish village with a delightful café. This walk started in the village but then followed a riverbed with stunning views of surrounding mountains – on occasions truly panoramic.

The final walk was in the El Chorro gorge and the Camino del Rey [The kings walkway] from which vultures were spotted.

Many thanks to those brave enough to drive [Colin, Brian, Richard, Aline]. Also to those who led the walks [Colin, Aline, Debbie, Richard, Jackie and Andy].

Especial thanks to Señor Colin who not only instigated the whole trip but also organised Pictionary and an introductory lecture on particle physics.

There was also time for a day off. Three people went on a trip to Gibraltar, others went to Malaga and amongst other sights visited the Picasso garden, the Alcazaba [a Moorish castle] , a Castillo [garrison] and also the harbour and boats.